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T-Shirt Streetwear

“I strongly believe that conversations with the right people is priceless” (Danilo)


Tract is an indelible trait, a universal imprint tha allows each individual to recognize and express their identity.

All our garments are extremely precise in quality, all rigorously Made in Italy.


TRACT is a match. Match of people, ideas, styles, emotions, essential parts.

The recognizable trait is our Singularity. From the beginning.

With the TRACT T-Shirt, you will always be original, always comfortable and smart.

Where a touch of luxury irony is needed, just wear a TRACT  T-shirt to make a difference and surprise everyone, leaving them behind you without any competition regarding originality and elegancy.

TRACT will fill you up with class, will complete you with style, will offer you the chance to distingue yourself from others with determination.